My credit card payment is constantly canceled. What can I do?

There are several reasons why credit card payments may be cancelled. Our payment provider checks various information when making a payment for security reasons and may also cancel payments. Please understand that we cannot describe the verification mechanisms in detail.

The following factors may be responsible for canceling a credit card payment:

  1. You are with a static or fixed IP address on the Internet (often with cable providers)
  2. Your current IP address does not match the card-issuing country. (e.g. the IP address must be an Austrian one – the credit card must also have been issued by an Austrian banking institution)
  3. The 3D Secure or Verified by VISA procedure is not enabled for your credit card or the security codes have not been entered or not entered correctly
  4. You are using a "Safe Browsing" function. Please check the settings in your anti-virus protection (this can usually be temporarily deactivated)
  5. Make sure that no anti-virus program or ad-blocker prevents payment (disabling can help)
  6. The limit for orders with credit card has been reached or exceeded

The networks of companies or universities are also often responsible for cancelling payments. If your payment does not work, bank transfer may be another payment option for you.

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